In my pursuit to give back to society and be apart of the change we would all like to see, the Emka Foundation which I founded went into a partnership to help support the good work and cause the team at Sanyu Babies Home is extending to our vulnerable new born babies that are usually left abandoned, from time to time. I must admit that I grew up hearing about Sanyu Babies Home and was more than motivated to be part of their story, being a babies home with more than 90 years being in existence and do what very few would take on and that is taking care of abandoned babies.

Another aspect is the fact that the name Sanyu is a very special name from our family lineage, my late father, Mr. Thomas Katto was a pioneer of the first and only privately owned FM radio station in East and Central Africa then, going by the name Radio Sanyu, then Sanyu Television and a lot more other entities that had the name Sanyu. So being part of Sanyu Babies Home and their cause is fulfilling both to our foundation and my family as a whole.

…a babies home with more than 90 years being in existence…

Any donations to Sanyu Babies’ Home are very important as the Home receives no regular financial support from any institution or charity, thus relying entirely on friends like my foundation, to provide for all the children’s needs. It becomes extremely difficult at times for them as they often have between 40 – 50 children in their care at any one time aged from hours old up to approximately 4 years.

Just to highlight more on the Home, it was established in 1929 to be exact, to care for abandoned babies. It is a Church of Uganda founded Home, directly under Namirembe Diocese. Sanyu Babies Home exists to provide Christ- like love to the babies and children deprived of parental love: and reintegrating them into community through reuniting them with their families, fostering or adoption.

Today, Sanyu Babies’ Home desperately needs to install an Institutional Solar Power Generating and Electric system. This is an energy efficiency project that will support all daily household electrical appliance needs. The system will enable them to reduce firewood and charcoal expenditures, reduce grid, and generator fuel costs to ensure a sustainable solution. The total cost of the whole system amounts to $98,563.81 (both cooking and AC load appliances). Sanyu Babies’ Home has acquired a grant from SNV Netherlands Development Organisation (SNV), through the Inclusive Markets for Energy Efficiency in Uganda (IMEU) project amounting to $49,282 USD leaving a balance of $49,282 USD which Sanyu Babies’ Home is supposed to raise on their part. So please do send them whatever kind of support you can afford as every amount however small, is of great value to them. You can reach out to Sanyu Babies Home at their official website here.