Emmanuel Katto from Uganda through his Emka Foundation, thrives to transform the lives of underprivileged children across East Africa. To reach their full potential, every kid has a right to education and access to high-quality services. Boys and girls with education should be allowed to engage in decision-making to create a better future for themselves and their communities. The Emka Foundation, an organization that primarily focuses on the life of society’s underprivileged children, was founded by Emmanuel Katto (Emka). The Foundation’s main goal is to give disadvantaged children across East Africa, access to basic essentials including food, medicine, and education.

The Continuous Journey In Uganda

Even though Uganda has made strides towards implementing universal primary education, many kids still fall short of meeting minimum standards for literacy and numeracy. Low learning levels cause low completion rates, and a large number of students struggle to move between grades. Dropout rates are also high. Emmanuel Katto being from Uganda through his Emka Foundation thrives to step in for some of these children, through various initiatives such as providing basic elementary education etc.

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Literacy Numbers

In Uganda, the percentage of adults aged 15 and older who can read and write with understanding is still low although slowly improving from time to time. The 2021 literacy rate for Uganda was 79.00%, up 2.47% from the previous year. The improvement in literacy rate is quite slow and in the majority of the regions in Uganda, it is quite hindered.

Education is the light that holds the potential in brightening the future of any child. This is a basic human right that no one should be deprived of. The Emka Foundation has so far transformed the life of many deprived children by equipping them with education and it is making a difference every passing day.

The Emka Foundation has so far built more than 12 classrooms for various elementary schools. The Foundation team has also built more than 10 shelters in various regions across East Africa to provide education to those children who are far from elementary schools. Uniforms and books, including midday meals, are given to every child from the Foundation and progress in terms of education is evaluated often. “Education for All” is the primary motto of the foundation that lies in building a positive future for these children.

The Future Of The Emka Foundation

Emmanuel Katto’s Emka Foundation hopes to expand its volunteer and partner network reach in the near future so as to cater for more children in the region. A number of similar minded individuals and organizations alike are already interesting in coming onboard this initiative in their respective regions of jurisdiction.

A major emphasis will also  be placed on maternal health care support for mothers who urgently need it but can’t, due to extreme unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances. A lot more other developments will also be coming along the way, some will unplanned but come as a matter of urgency that needs immediate support and assistance.